Are Cats Good Decoration?

Cat Painting giveaway

Do cats make good decorations?   I’m the wrong person to ask obviously I say yes! I make cat paintings, cat moasics refinish cat sculptures. Be sure to enter to win a cat painting at the end of this blog … Continue reading 

Learning how to relax – Waking up to a Florida Sunrise

My last thought last night was to go to bed early and get up at 6 am to meet the sunrise at the beach. I am very lucky I life about a half mile from the beach down here in South Florida.

Me and the Dog at the Beach at Sunrise in Florida

Me and the Dog at the Beach at Sunrise

I did the first part, I went to bed at around 11pm which for me is early. I am usually up to all hours on the computer running my online business. I realize I need to take a step back and find some time to relax. I am sure I spend at least 2 hours a day farting around on the computer because I feel I should be on the computer. I probably send a total of at least 10 hours on the computer and doing various things to run my business. Sometimes I am just staring at this screen and I have no idea what I am doing. I work from home and day after day I plan to take a walk but it never happens. I am always finding something else to click on, some connection to make, something else to do. I realize I need balance to keep myself on track. I love to walk on the beach on sunrise and so does my dog. I would make sunrise at the beach my goal. I set my alarm for 6 and crossed my fingers I would wake up. my dog had other ideas and woke me up at 5:30 to go out. Away we went to the beach a short drive away. When I turned the corner almost there I could tell the dog knew where she was going. She was sniffing the air getting excited. We got there later than I wanted it was already light. I like to get there a little before sunrise. I like to see the sun rising and

The beach is smelling good

The beach is smelling good

they are less people so my dog can run. I let her run for a little bit and run she did twirling sniffing, then I put her back on the leash to

A good day for collecting shells

A good day for collecting shells

walk with me. I was a great morning, beautiful, great day to collect shells. I got home at 7 am to start my day. The dog and  I still have a pep to our step. We will try again tomorrow and at least for a few times a week. That’s the plan, wish me luck.

Beautiful Beach morning see you tomorrow

Beautiful Beach morning see you tomorrow

All Gave Some and Some Gave All

All gave some and Some Gave All

All gave some and Some Gave All

This is one of my original American Flag paintings. Remember all those that have fallen in conflict. Memorial Day 2013. Melissa

I Can’t Hear You

I can't hear youI’m that girl!  You know the girl who says she going to do something that doesn’t seem possible and then  the next thing you know she doing it. Before I decided to be that type of person I knew another girl like that and I found her incredibly annoying. I would think all the time how the heck did she do that. Then I decided to be like her.

Am I a suborn person? I would say not really but when I decide I am doing to do something  I don’t listen to anyone, unless they are telling me I can do it. But let’s go back a little bit. When  I was 16 I went to a Catholic High School in Brooklyn New York, sounds pretty safe, right? For a nerdy Caribbean girl it was no joke. With a funny accent and a tendency to make faux pas like asking

I don't look that stubborn do I?

I don’t look that stubborn do I?

for a rubber instead of an eraser, I became a target. Kids were threatening to beat me up for extreme nerdiness. I wasn’t used to dealing with that and I wasn’t going to deal with that. I found a college that I could attend early and get into at 16 years old. I had the grades, I was number 1 in my class. When I discussed it with my mother she said absolutely not. She probably said No God damned way, or over her dead body something final like that. When she made a decision that was it, she was hardcore strict, no talking back EVER. I don’t know what came over me I freaked out and started yelling and screaming, you didn’t yell and scream at my mother.

Next thing I knew I was on my way to that college, I have no idea how I accomplished that. I didn’t know how I did it I just knew I was going to do it.

The Finished Table

One of my pieces that saved me from my boring job

Fast forward to present day, well recent past. I had a very boring but well-paying job. I went home and would  furiously make Art and Furniture and then go back to my job were basically I tried to look like I was doing something all day. Believe me it was hard and stressful to occupy yourself mentally all day long when you aren’t doing much, not to mention trying to look busy. I know ya’ll are wondering what I was doing. Well, I was working in high end retail in store that would sometimes have 2 people a day coming in, really 2!

So after I sold some furniture and paintings in my own business I quit. I didn’t tell most people what I was doing I just did it and I was fine. Friends and random people would ask me wasn’t I scared, didn’t I lay in bed in terror over not being successful. No I was too busy thinking about being successful. I knew I had the grit in my body and in my soul to make this thing work, and I did. Yep I don’t tend to listen to anyone when I decide to do something unless they are helping me along my chosen path. When they explain to me I can’t do it all I hear I wah wah wah, like Charlie Brown. Does that make me stubborn? Maybe a little.

Deerfield Art Fair I was there:

Artist Diary: Deerfield Beach Art Fair

My booth at the  Deerfield Beach Art Festival

My booth at the Deerfield Beach Art Festival

The weekend of January 26 and 27th I had my own little booth at the Deerfield Beach Art Fair. Yes I was up all night finishing my original paintings, making sure my prints were done and finishing my frames etc. My ex-husband, myself and my son I arrived at 8:30. Ahh God bless them they are serving coffee and breakfast. The joint is jumping vendors are finishing up their set ups.

I am setup and ready for business. When I first applied for this event I pictured myself on the beach side of the road near the end of the road. That is exactly where I was across from a marvelous Photographer and wonderful oil and pastel Artist.

I was all set up at 9am and people were already starting to walk around and stop in.

I forgot my chair and my paints. When I am out and about in the public I like to be doing something. So I paint. People are interested in an Artist’s process and its a great way to start the conversation  That’s all great but I forgot my paints on the first day Saturday and more importantly. I forgot my chair Thankfully I had a small step stool where I perched on all day my butt wasn’t happy though.

Debut American Flags and Sugar Skulls:

Mixed Media Flag 18" x 22"

Mixed Media Flag 18″ x 22″

I have been meaning to do an Amrican Flag for a while. I finally got around to it and they were the hit of my booth. There were two in the front that people were really drawn to. I thought they wold be the first to go but it was a smaller American Flag in the back that went first.

Also Pretty Skulls made their debut. They were another crowd favorite. I was interesting to note that younger people seemed to like the Skulls verses  older people liking the Flags more.

Pretty Skulls1 18" x 22"

Pretty Skulls1 18″ x 22″

The Customers are Coming Because I told them to: How a book saved my Art Fair Experience. I have been using Alyson Stanfield’s “I would rather be in the Studio” to guide me through marketing my Art, reaching my target audience.

book I would rather be in  the studio

book I would rather be in the studio

So as the book advised I send out emails to those on my list letting  them know I would be there. I did and  guess what? 100% of  the people that purchased were from my email list. to sooooo glad I had the tools to bring my own customers  to my booth literally.

For the rest of the show I relaxed talked up a storm, beefed up my mailing list, enjoyed the delicious ocean breeze and enjoyed the live music. Now to follow up.

Goldfish on his Journey 2

Goldfish on his Journey 2 Acrylic and mixed media on wood 24″ x 24″

photos I’m inspired by


Claudio’s Turtle picture on instagram

I’ll be working on two paintings inspired by my friends Claudio amazing photographs. He’s calf2012_ih on instagram. It’s funny I fell in love with his sugar skull picture. I usually don’t like skulls at all or pink of any kind but I am loving both and inspired to do other pictures in


Manta Ray painting in progress

Manta Ray painting in progress

I had this picture of a Manta Ray. I started about 2 years ago. I didn’t like how it was turning out so I stopped. Time to start working on it again using the light splash of the Turtle picture as my inspiration.

Fuchsia Skull picture

Fuchsia Skull picture