Is facebook still relevant?

Is Facebook still relevant for your business? For my business is not really. The truth is Facebook was never really relevant for my business. By the time I put my professional presence on the web Facebook was basically over. They ha already stared to limit the post people see in an effort to ENCOURAGE people to pay to boost post.  Barely any of my post were shared or commented on. Now I don’t want to act like I don’t care. I was sooooo  disappointed.


My Facebook account

My Facebook account


it is possible that my friends and fans just din’t care what I was doing or didn’t care to  share or comment. At the same time I was struggling to get noticed on facebook My Pintrest , Hometalk and Twitter accounts were taking off. So I just focused on those accounts to promote my store and projects. my hometalk account was the star of the bunch. It’s small focused community, enthusiastically clicked and commented on my projects and blog posts. I always and continue to post to facebook but don’t get the interaction and interest I get from the other sites

It’s simply easier on Pintrest, Twitter and Hometalk to find other people who share your interested and connect.


So as it gets harder and harder to reach fans and friends on Facebook I shrug. I have a personal Facebook account and one for my business. It’s fun but for me nothing more than that.

What has been your Facebook experience.

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Hometalk how I love you, let me count the ways. I have been meaning to write this post for a while now and now I have the perfect push. Hometalk is having a contest for Bloggers. I am the accidental bogger. I just intended to have a website and the next thing I knew I had a blog and people were reading it.

So I was just making my little posts and sharing on Facebook and Pintrest. The Printrest peeps were coming over and reading it was awesome. I knew of

Hometalk and I sniffed around it a little I clipped a few posts. For those of you wondering Hometalk is it “is the largest online home & garden knowledge hub” Basically it’s a website full of people just like me who love all things Home and Garden talking about and sharing DIY ideas and everything in between, amateurs and professionals alike. get over there and LOOK! So decided to make my first post to Hometalk about what I was doing. I was having a Shiny Spray paint party. So I posted my first post to Hometalk From Trash to Shiny, I also posted to Facebook and Pintrest as usual. My Blog traffic shot up like a rocket. I had my usually Facebook and Pintrest traffic but my Hometalk traffic was through the roof. It doubled my best day. I was amazed. It was the same time every time I have posted a project and DIY ideas. I found my peeps. I’ve found them yoo hoo! A sweet pocket of Do it Yourselfers like me. I actually posted a poem to Hometalk on  their Facebook page. It went something like this:

Hometalk how I love you let me count the ways
Where people click on and comment on my post like no other.
Its the land of the DIY peeps like you and me.

As you can see I’m not a poet, but I was so darned excited. So follow me to Hometalk. It’s the place for DIYers like you and me!