I Can’t Hear You

I can't hear youI’m that girl!  You know the girl who says she going to do something that doesn’t seem possible and then  the next thing you know she doing it. Before I decided to be that type of person I knew another girl like that and I found her incredibly annoying. I would think all the time how the heck did she do that. Then I decided to be like her.

Am I a suborn person? I would say not really but when I decide I am doing to do something  I don’t listen to anyone, unless they are telling me I can do it. But let’s go back a little bit. When  I was 16 I went to a Catholic High School in Brooklyn New York, sounds pretty safe, right? For a nerdy Caribbean girl it was no joke. With a funny accent and a tendency to make faux pas like asking

I don't look that stubborn do I?

I don’t look that stubborn do I?

for a rubber instead of an eraser, I became a target. Kids were threatening to beat me up for extreme nerdiness. I wasn’t used to dealing with that and I wasn’t going to deal with that. I found a college that I could attend early and get into at 16 years old. I had the grades, I was number 1 in my class. When I discussed it with my mother she said absolutely not. She probably said No God damned way, or over her dead body something final like that. When she made a decision that was it, she was hardcore strict, no talking back EVER. I don’t know what came over me I freaked out and started yelling and screaming, you didn’t yell and scream at my mother.

Next thing I knew I was on my way to that college, I have no idea how I accomplished that. I didn’t know how I did it I just knew I was going to do it.

The Finished Table

One of my pieces that saved me from my boring job

Fast forward to present day, well recent past. I had a very boring but well-paying job. I went home and would  furiously make Art and Furniture and then go back to my job were basically I tried to look like I was doing something all day. Believe me it was hard and stressful to occupy yourself mentally all day long when you aren’t doing much, not to mention trying to look busy. I know ya’ll are wondering what I was doing. Well, I was working in high end retail in store that would sometimes have 2 people a day coming in, really 2!

So after I sold some furniture and paintings in my own business I quit. I didn’t tell most people what I was doing I just did it and I was fine. Friends and random people would ask me wasn’t I scared, didn’t I lay in bed in terror over not being successful. No I was too busy thinking about being successful. I knew I had the grit in my body and in my soul to make this thing work, and I did. Yep I don’t tend to listen to anyone when I decide to do something unless they are helping me along my chosen path. When they explain to me I can’t do it all I hear I wah wah wah, like Charlie Brown. Does that make me stubborn? Maybe a little.

When I say Festooned I mean Festooned

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough. Now its Festooned!

To me the word Festooned means to be totally covered with a design. The dictionary says I means totally covered with flowers, that’s close enough considering I have been using it for a few months to describe my uber stenciled furniture.

As I was finishing up on this table I decided to go to the next level and absolutely cover every possible surface with stencil. This project was complicated by the fact that the color I selected although beautiful came from a paint line with zero coverage. Can we say 6 coats of paint. I ended up rescuing myself with a similar color from another brand of paint. That prompted me to write my paint recommendations  I wouldn’t want someone else to be seduced by the sexy can and be a slave to six coats of paint to get some decent coverage. But back to the table, as usual I’m not done yet, with much touching up to do. I unveiled it a little earlier than normal to get on Claire’s  Rustic Pigs, creative Tuesday (yes its Wednesday) But I love it! Yes its dizzying to look at. I’ll put a warning sign “May make you dizzy with Beauty!” but is lovely and exotic, just how I like it.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing. Till next time.


The Round Blue Table


Available in my Etsy Shop

Well I did it I finally refinished a piece of furniture without stenciling it. It was really hard, my stencils were right there. I really wanted to grab them but I didn’t. It wasn’t the project for that. I actually saw this table at a garage sale and left it there because I had no idea what to do with it, read more about that here.  I saw a very similar table on Pintrest with a fantastic paint job. With  that inspiration fresh in my mind I went back to grab that table.

I knew I wanted to do it blue. I just scored a fantastic blue for free from an  Ace hardware at a promotion for a free quart of paint. It’s by Clark and Kensington,

The $10 table. How awesome. This is how it started out

The $10 table. How awesome. This is how it started out

a great paint line, nice coverage and great colors just how I like it. I’ll have to add that to my paint recommendations. I made my

own chalk paint by adding tablespoon of unsanded grout to each 8oz of paint. Start with a little water and dissolve your grout  first that is so you don’t end up with lumps. I like lumpy mashed potatoes but not lumpy paint. I went with  chalk paint because of its reputation of sticking to everything and anything the table has a leather panel and I wanted to be sure the paint would stick to and cover it. The paint job came out beautifully  I’m  so impressed I might use chalk paint all the time.

I added some gold metallic paint to to highlight the details of the table. I used acrylic paint because I’m a painter and that’s what I had on hand. I can’t wait to try GedeO Gilding Wax or some Rub and Buff.  I’m pretty proud of myself, this table was completely out of my element. Look ma’ no stencils. Till next time.207222Melissa

The Yellow Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Ok, I was bad, yet again I forgot to take before pictures of the piece I was working on. My friend gave me this beautiful mirror, it started off life being white. In this case I didn’t rescue some ugly thing , the mirror was beautiful to begin with I just made it amazing. I knew I wanted to the mirror in a bright yellow and I came across the perfect color in the unwanted paint section at home Depot for $2, Behr’s Preium Plus Ultra in a



delicious yellow-orange. Home Depot makes great paint I have tried three different brands and they were all  Stellar. That’s why I drive  a mile out of my way to get my paint. A mile isn’t that far right? They also have $2 quarts and $.50 samples in the paint reject pile, the best deal in town.  I wrote a whole post about my favorite paints read it here.

I diligently sanded and primed and painted the mirror. I love the color. Now for the stenciling. I decided to just do a floral motif to go with the curving lines of the mirror. I discovered that even my thinnest stencil was too wide of the thin curved lines of the mirror. I stenciled anyway. I love the abstract nature of the partial stenciling. Almost done, just some touching up to do as usual. I think I’ll add some white to the base. I am going to use it in a photo shoot for an advertisement I have coming up. Love It! Till next time.

Detail of Yellow Mirror

I love the abstract patterns created when just some of the stencil is showing


My picks for the Best Paint to Paint Furniture

Paints I love! nice and reasonable too

Paints that will save time and money

The Finished Table :Well Almost finished

The Table” painted with Martha Stewart‘s Burl and Tailor’s chalk paint

I’m not expert on paint but when I spend two extra hours painting to get even coverage and apply six coats of paint when  due to a bad paint choice I’m not happy.  I wanted to share with you the paints that I love to paint furniture and which ones I don’t. What I look for in a paint is color, coverage and drying time. As I struggle with this paint that looked great in the jar and goes on like kool-aid here is list of winners. Martha Stewart Paint for Home Depot. I discovered Marthamartha Stewart paint by getting a $2 quart from the reject pile at Home Depot. When I used it it went on like a dream and covered like heaven. All of these paints that I recommend are paint and primer together ,a godsend. I have used several colors from Martha’s line and been trilled every time. Her line is actually part of Glidden‘ s Duo line so whether you choose Martha or Glidden Duo you are getting a great paint that pretty much covers in 5cbde8eb-de27-441e-8624-b0d5755e7e70_145one coat. I use two coats anyway for an uber smooth finish. Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra. I discovered this paint when I was looking for a particular color blue Martha didn’t have. I wandered over to the next display and picked up Behr’s song bird a bright jewel blue that


was just what I needed. This another example of a paint with super coverage and beautiful colors. These are all available at Home Depot.

I also love Benjamin Moore paint but it costs almost twice as much at the Home Depot options for a similar product.

I also have to recommend Clark and Kensington carried by Ace hardware. They have had a few promotions for a free quart of paint. I was first in line! Its a great paint. Not sure on the pricing as mine as free.


Plan for Blog Domination

Detail of it grouted

Plan for Blog Domination- Well I started Blogging by accident, literally. I signed up for wordpress as an efficient free web site. And I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts regularly because they make it so darn easy so to Blog. As I … Continue reading 

Sweet little Antique Birds

An Antique Beauty

An Antique Beauty

Well It was really had to tear myself away from my Indian Inlay stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils but I couldn’t wait to try my free  bird stencil. When I ordered my initial Stencil they made a note I would be receiving a free stencil. I didn’t get it, but… they send it right out too me. I opened my package and I  had the cutest bird stencil. When I went to throw out the envelope I saw there were actually 4 bird stencils. Yeah four birds!  I later found out that instead of the one $4.95 stencil which is the normal gift with purchase. They sent me the complete bird $14.95 bird set. Thank You!

I wanted to try using glue instead of paint to stencil. I glued together some leftover boards I had around and got to the stencil. I used very little water.

I love the result. It’s subtle and makes the piece look like its been around forever. I think I makes some signs using this technique. I should have taken more pictures but sometimes you want to get right to it.

Sweet Birds

Sweet Birds

Making of the Little Stencil Table: My Ikea Hack

Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

Volia! Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

After my epic first stencil project, The Table I was ready for a more manageable project. I was at the Thrift store and saw a table that was the perfect size $5.99.  It was made out of some mystery material but at $5.99 you can’t beat it. I bought it.

Ikea lack-table

Ikea lack-table

The Rosette, stenciled then stained over. I'm in love

The Rosette, stenciled then stained over. I’m in love

Now what to do with it? The Table was very familiar to me. It looked like one of those Ikea table they are always advertising for $9.99, and sure enough it was. I looked at it this way and that way what would I do with it ? Then I remembered an  an idea online to cover the top of an existing table with wood strips to create a new table top. perfect! That will completely change the personality of the piece.


Then I could do my stain over stencil technique. In my first table I had stenciled a rosette on the raw wood and then stained over it. I loved the soft effect and wanted to do it on a whole piece. Perfect!


With my game plan  I head over to Lowes to get wood, 3 1 x 2 x 8 pieces in cedar. Then I cut them to a uniform size and glue them on to the surface (I love to glue). I plan out my stencil, again my fabulous Stencil from

The wood from Lowes

The wood from Lowes

Cutting Edge Stencils.  Then I start to stencil. I thought it would be fun to

glue the wood

glue the wood

have the vines intertwined. I can’t wait to stain, but I paint the base first . I made my own chalk paint to make sure it would stick (that is another story, we will see how that does). Now I get to stain. Yeah my favorite part! My rich beautiful Mahogany stain. It’s looking good.

I think it is a Fabulous outcome. It’s hard to believe that such a soft beautiful piece came from such a sleek modern design. What do you think? I have a similar table for sale in my Etsy shop.

Plan the Stencil

Plan the Stencil



Finished Table Top

Finished Table Top