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Well I sort of fell in love with the Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit. Would you like some? Good because Modern Masters

Metal Masters paint giveaway

Some of my new line Metal Treasures. using Modern Masters Metal Effects

is giving some away. In fact These amazing products have led me to create a whole new product line called Metal Treasures, stay tuned for all that. Metal Treasures is  high-end line of decorative products made with the Metal effects kit. Check out my original review and tutorial here!

I have been busy all week using this kit and I was finally give these ceramic bowl the beautiful finish they deserve. Any you know I HAD to give one of my mason jar a go. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Mason Jar with Modern Masters Metal Effects

Mason Jar with Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper paint and green patina

Ok now on to the give away. You can win your choice of a Quart or (4) 6oz containers from their Metallic Paint collection  or the products from thier Metal Effects kit. Go check out the Modern Masters Metallic Paint collection and or the Metal Effects kit come back here and comment letting me know what you would do with all that fabulous paint, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE GIVEAWAY LINK AFTER YOU HAVE COMMENTED TO ENTER. click on “I commented” in the give away box and you are entered. But don’t stop there you can earn a ton of bonus entires. So keep clicking and enter everyday! I would :)  Good Luck! Until next time, I mean until tomorrow …Melissa

Modern Masters Give Away

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Review of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

Review – Tutorial of Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

I am very Lucky that I have been asked to review Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit. First let me tell you a story. This is actually a true story. I had this Cherub wall hanging I bought I always wanted to do something with. It hung out in my house for yearsunchanged and kidda creepy with its doll like eyes I’m surprised my son didn’t complain. I actually had it in my car to donate but I was determined to do

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The finished results, just gorgeous. Talk about Shabby Chic!

something with that Cherub. I always though it looked like an Antique Architectural detail that came out of a great house. I wanted it to look like a metal piece that hand been outside and reproduce a beautiful aged bronze patina with paint.

I could do that I am a painter, I have a degree and everything, really I do (I don’t think that maters here), but anyway.

Modern masters review painting effects kit

I look this picture as reference to recreate the look of a patinated bronze statue long before I heard of Modern Masters. They just appeared to make my life easier

So I grabbed that Cherub and some textured pictured frames and started my project. I had green paint, copper paint and a dark glaze. I was highly confident and had an epic fail, Nooooo. If pepto bismo was green that’s what I had, a flavor of neon green. I was trying to convince myself it was ok but I wasn’t feeling it, I wanted to be dazzled. I left my project for a few days to think on it. I knew I would have to redo it. A few days later I was contacted by Modern Masters to review some items from their line one of the options was the Metal Effects Kit. Did they know I had green Pepto Bismo on my hands? Were they coming to save me? They had me at Green Patina Aging Solution, really they did.

Everyone who knows me knows I go ga ga for paint and this is uber paint so I’m uber ga ga. Its a simple three part process: the primer which looks like liquid chocolate which is always good, the reactive paint in cooper or bronze. The paint in metallic, what I love, especially in the bronze, is getting the sheen of metal. The paint is  called reactive paint because  it reacts with the final solution to create your beautiful patina. And then there is the  Patina Aging Solution which you can get in green and blue this solution is the magic. Before you spray it the paint just looks like lovely bronze and copper after you spray it a chemical reaction happen to produce the wonderful green patination.  They are also water based paints. I LOVE that, Yeah easy clean up!  Checkout  the Modern masters Website to oogle all the gorgeous combinations. They also have great metallic paints so great for stenciling one of my great loves. But let me focus.

It was a surprisingly easy process.

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Here is where I started with my neon green

So I grabbed my Neon green pieces and started to work. I applied two coats of the very chocolately looking primer. I just wanted to bite right into that Cherub. The instructions says the primer dries in about half an hour I found it dries almost immediately which was great. I was lucky enough to have both copper and the bronze reactive paint. I have to have my deep bronze color and my metallic cooper highlights. I dab on my bronze paint highlight with copper quickly as the paint has to be wet to react with the aging solution. I then and generously spritz with the Green Patina Aging Solution.

Then I watch the paint transform before my eyes soooo cool. Here come the patina gorgeous deep and green.  I noticed the cooper turns much greener than the bronze,  when it reacts with the solution creating a some really beautiful effects. So keep them in mind when chosing your color.

My neighbor

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

Cherub with primer. Looks like a chocolate Cherub don’t you think

came wandering by so see what I was doing, as she does sometimes. She asked what material I was working with (its wood and plaster) because it looked like metal. Yes!!!! exactly what I was looking for. I have a gorgeous outcome.

I do have to say you have to be easy going about the process because the aging solution reacts in unique patterns. I all my pieces at the same time they have unique patinas, all beautiful.

I really couldn’t believe for the effect created that it was so easy and I barely used any paint.

I’m in love! if I wasn’t having dinner with a friend I would have keep painting.

If you need a little pizzazz in some project grab these project and give them a whirl. You can purchase them online from Modern Masters and pick them up at a local store.

odern Masters Painting Kit

odern Masters Painting Kit

Nothing is safe in my house I’ll keep painting more tutorials and updates to come.  I can’t wait to try on my mason jars you know I will. Make sure you subscribe so you wont miss any of this fun stuff.

Would you like to have some fabulous paint yourself? Hint, hint I have a give away coming up stay tuned. Until next time …Melissa

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The Chrub transformed and looking just like he should, like an Antique weathered treasure

Modern Masters Metal Effects kit

The Beauty is in the details

The Black Telephone Redo

So I was driving down the road when I spotted a telephone table on the side of the road, I seem to do that a lot. As I recall I already had a piece of furniture in the car, my 7 year old and I was on my way to my storage to drop of the piece I had in my car. So I drove by that table,

The Telephone Table redone in Elegant Black

The Telephone Table redone in Elegant Black with a Fab Damask Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils

saying to myself enough is enough. I had enough furniture to work on. But a block away, seem to do that a lot too, I couldn’t leave it and I circled back to the loud groans of my son who was now sharing the back seat with the telephone table.

The table reminded me our rotary phone that sat on our telephone table, the sound it made when you dialed it, the distinctive ring. I couldn’t leave it. It was a capsule of memories.

That said it sat around for about 6 months while I got other projects out of the way. Finally ready to tackle it. I decided to go with black. Despite the fact that it was partially covered with kids stickers and had a few moldy oreos stuck to it (I kid you not). I saw Elegance in the piece with its shape and turned legs and I wanted to stay classic.
So I painted it black and decided to stencil in in metallic copper-gold from Cutting Edge Stencils. Now some of you are saying is that really classic? It is to me.
At first it wasn’t loving the black color I got, a was a little more like a dark grey but with a few layers it was rich sophisticated black.

The Telephone Table Before, stickers and all plus a bonus photo bomb by my neighbor's cat

The Telephone Table Before, stickers and all plus a bonus photo bomb by my neighbor’s cat

 I love this big stencil for furniture it gets done in no time.
I was a little in a rush with to get it done to drop it off at a retailer I partner with. I knew I wanted to do some metallic accents on the rest of the piece as well along the turned legs and etc. Getting that detail on the top gave me fits. This was my first time doing this kind of accent on a curves edge and I couldn’t get a straight line. i painted over my original effort and did it again more carefully.
Usually I just drag the edge of a flat brush along the edge that that gives me a very nice line. Guess what it doesn’t work on a rounded edge. If I had had time I would have taped it off, but I didn’t.
So ever so carefully I dragged the brush around the edge. I waxed it up thew it in the car and took it to the store. I almost didn’t have a an after picture. I snapped a few in  the store with my camera.
I was sorry to see it go I loved that table and a shape like that would be perfect in my house. So I’ll have to find another one. Till next time. -Melissa

The Black Telephone Table redo

The Black Telephone Table redo

The Bar Table Redo

So I am driving down the road on the way to a goodbye party and my cute little dress and sweater on the side of the road I spy a large

table. I drive by considering it looks heavy, I’m in my party best and there is a guy was in the front yard. Grabbing curbside goodies

The redone bar in its new home

The redone bar in its new home

anonymously when driving down the road is one thing, but when the dude is in his front yard is another thing. As I drove by I knew that table was too good to leave so I circled back, hopped out the car in my dressed up finest and asked the guy if I could take the table.

No problem there. He picked it up and put in my car for me. I had this awesome table and I was SURE I knew exactly what I wanted to

do with it. The plan was to paint it white and an do an amazing mosaic on the top. Well sometimes things change. The table hung around my house for months being the perfect height to put my things on when I was working on other pieces of furniture. I still knew what I was going to do, mosaic! I just didn’t get around to it.

Then my friend told me she needed a table for her entryway my rescued bar was the perfect size and shape. I hesitated for a moment the table was such a great fit for so many reasons. I was hard to give up. But an actual project is better than an unrealized thought in my head. So bit by bit I repainted it using my tried and true homemade chalk paint recipe:  tablespoon of unsanded grout dissolved in  a bit warm water mixed with latex paint, in this case black.

Bar Table Before

Bar Table Before

I had a little trouble with the stencil detail.  Of course I had the perfect idea or at least it was perfect in my head. I stenciled a detail from a large Damask Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.   Check out the full Damask Stencil in all its glory on another furniture project. I did  the design in a warm white on a dark brown background, sounded great. It wasn’t strong enough again the deep back of the table. I ended up painting it black and redoing the design in metallic copper/ gold. It’s hard to see but the table has some round metal, rusty details that I left unpainted. The color of this detail retailed back to the gold/ copper color. I think it turned out great, Wow, I forgot how rough it started out. What do you think? Till next time. -Melissa

The Bar Table  Redo

The Bar Table getting ready to loaded up for delivery

How to make a beat up coffee table into a Beauty

How to turn a beat up table into an Elegant Beauty

How to turn a beat up table into an Elegant Beauty

How to make a beat up coffee table into an Elegant Beauty. My neighbors were moving and this coffee table was one of the last things left in their house. They were generous enough to offer me several things they weren’t  taking. I walked right by this table thinking it looked too rough. They threw it into the trash and when I saw it there I thought well I should try to do something with it.

So I gave it a fresh coat of paint and pulled out my Cutting Edge  Stencils Damask Stencil.  A Damask Stencil is not just for walls. I won this stencil so sign up fot their blog and when you see they are having a contest enter, enter.I used a metallic gold-ish/ copper paint. I also used the paint to line the edges and details on the table. I think that is an elegant touch. It didn’t take that long and I think it came out great. What do you think? -Melissa

Check out my other stencil projects:

The Finished Table

The Finished Table

Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

Little Table A Modern Antique Beauty

Faux mercury Glass Tutorial

I did a tutorial on (diy) faux mercury in any color. Which was amazing who wouldn’t like a blue shinny elegant beauty.

Well here is the original faux Mercury tutorial all silver all glam.

If you only want to color your glass and skip the faux mercury fun I have a colored glass tutorial here.

Here what you will need need
some glass pieces you want to transform,
paper towels ,
a spray bottle with 50% water and vinegar solution,
Krylon Looking glass spray bird and glass 033(very important you need this exact paint)

Clean you glass really well. Do this outside to avoid the fumes.

First: mist you glass with your spray bottle of water and vinegar solution. Mist you glass piece so it has bubbles. You might see other tutorials that say don’t  let your water run on the glass. I say let it run! The more texture the better. The instructions on the Krylon looking glass will say spray on the inside, trust me spray on the outside. You want to be able to put water in it don’t you?

Next: Spray the paint over your bird and glass 035misted pieces. The water and vinegar solution will prevent the paint from

Spritzing the Glass

Spritzing the Glass

sticking. Leave it for a minute of two and blot with the paper towel. Then repeat until you get the look you want. You can choose to have it very transparent or add more layers to be more opaque. The outcome is gorgeous either way

Mist , wait, spray repeat till you are squealing with joy. It’s easy and fun. I don’t think you can make a mistake. How cool is that. Till next time –Melissa

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

The Medium and Small Vase with the faux mercury finish

Giving Credit Where Paint is Due

Listing the paints I have used in my projectsI thought I would take the time to go through my paint projects and a list the specific paints I used. I adore paint! I look for it everywhere I go, when in Walmart I can’t wait to scoot down that paint isle to see what down here at Lowes and Home Depot I head straight for the reject paint pile to see what goodies I can find. All these paints are my favorite and I can’t wait to get more. Scroll to the bottom to enter to win some of my Glass Goodies


Krylon Looking Glass Paint. Oh Looking Glass paint How I love you let me count the ways. With this amazing spray paint I am able to glam up Dollar store store goodies and yard sale finds. I am lucky this paint is readily available at my local Walmart I have heard its hard to find but its worth it. Don’t forget to check your local Walmart. Check out my tutorial on making faux mercury glass  in general and in any color you like.

Colored Mercuy Glass

Colored Mercuy Glass

Colored mason jars

Colored mason jars

 That brings me to my other Super Star Peobeo Vitrea 160 such a boring name. it sounds like a science solution but what a powerhouse intense transparent color. I haven’t stopped using it since it got it. All pieces of Glass in my house are in danger. Beautiful and easy to use and available in so many colors. this is another hard to find goody. I had to order in from Amazon but i heard a rumor that they are available at Pearl paint. I am going to check that out and let you know. Read the painting glass tutorial here


The Finished Table

The Finished Table

 My first major furniture project will always be a special love for me. It was on this project that I first used and fell in love with Martha Stewart paints available at Home Depot. it is part of the Glidden paint line. The brown is called Burl. It is a rich elegant paint with super coverage. The white I stenciled with is an off white called Tailor’s Chalk It comes with the option of primer included yes please! Read more about the making of this table here

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough

 Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware in “Ming Vase” This is an  excellent paint an what makes it even more awesome is that I got it for free. Now that wasn’t because of some special Blogger thing, although I am special  Ace had a special two weekends in a row where you were about to get a quart of paint for free. I was right on that. Now you  head over and sign up on their Facebook Page so you can get some free paint to the next time they are giving it away. Read about making the this Festooned table, find out what the heck is a festooned table.

 Round Blue Table

Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware in “Sea of Midnight” I have these two very similar paints color because I was trying to match another color. Well you say you could have just taken a sample and had it color matched. yes I know but these were my free quarts color matching not included. This blue is a brighter blue than “Ming Vase” which is deep and more classic. I think the fun color gives this classic table a fun modern spin. All of those that want to yell at me for painting this table  just remember different strokes for different folks. Read about the making of this table.

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Behr Ultra Premium Plus. This paint was absolutely the best find! It was a $2 quart from the reject pile at home depot. It was  the perfect color for this mirror I wanted to do. So I snapped it up and the rest is history. Read more about the making of this mirror.

Stenciling Detail


 Then there is my tireless work horse American Acrylic paint in White.   This paint is avail ble at Michaels, Joanns and other craft stores. After some trial and error I use this paint  for my stenciling projects. It has the right amount of flow and  enough coverage to make nice crisp lines when you are stenciling and I like nice crisp lines.

So  there you have it apartial list of my adventures in paining. But what about Chalk paint you say? Ah ha. I make my own and in my next post I will share with you how. Be sure to enter to win some of my glass goodies below. And stay tunned I have plenty more to share. Till next time -Melissa


So you want to paint some glass

Hand Tinted mason set

So you want to paint some glass!!! maybe you don’t need all that Shiny DIY mercury glass effect (but it’s so fun check my tutorial out here). My best advice to you, wait for it…. is to get yourself some … Continue reading 

4 Amazing Furniture Transformations

4 furniture RedosI wanted to share some Furniture Re-dos that I thought were awesome. The thought for this group is seeing an amazing  transformation in something I would think had almost zero potential. Now that’s me thinking it has zero potential, my personal opinion. Now Create Inspire’s table is quite lovely before but I would have walked right by it because I tend to stencil and with the raised detail it might now work for me. But…… after seeing how she refinished it. My mind is totally changed I am now looking for a piece with a lot of detail so I can glaze that sucker up. I hope you find some inspiration like it did.

The Finished Table My Epic First Stencil project. I learned a lot making this piece. If I did again right now it wouldn’t take me as long. I am sure proud of this Beauty. Read more and check it out in my Shop.
teal-table This is little Blue table that blew my mind and showed me the potential of glazing a piece. Can I say I love Blue? Check out the full transformation on Create Inspire’s site.
1-1 I love this piece because it shows the power of paint. To me the piece before is dated and boring. I wouldn’t have looked twice at it, but look how lovely it is with after Carrie’s crisp white paint job. It got me looking for a majorly underwhelming piece to transform. Read more at her site Painted Furniture Ideas.
Round Blue Table And finally the Round Blue table. This table I left at the a garage sale because I had no idea what to do with it. After I went home I saw a similar round table in a nice bright color on Pintrest. I went flying back for that sucker with fingers crossed and it was still here waiting for me. Read more and check it out in my Shop.

Share your favorite Furniture transformations in the comments. Lucky Melissa. Till next time

I like Shiny things

Results of my spray Painting Party with Krylon Looking Glass and white

Results of my spray Painting Party with Krylon Looking Glass and white

From Trash to Shiny: I like Shiny things and I have been busy. I am sort of supposed to be on vacation, well my son is on his spring break and we are at his and my friend’s in the Tampa arearound-vase-sm, lakeside, its pretty nice. I’m still working but I’m relaxed. I am  supposed to be finishing two tables which I will still get to but meanwhile I spotted Krylon’s Looking Glass at my local Walmart. I have been dying to try making my own Mercury Glass which requires this hard to find Krylon paint.  I had these vases, picture frames  and my favorite little bird. I knew I wanted to  spray paint some with the looking glass and some white. I figured I might as well  have spray paint party and do everything at once.

Well sometimes I don’t listen, or don’t read or don’t pay attention. I kidda missed the part of the DIY Mercury glass that it’s glass. They say ignorance is bliss well I grabbed my big picture frame, not glass and my little bird, not glass. I start to use vases-smthe technique spray a 50% water and vinegar spray a light coat of the Looking glass spray, wait one minute mist again with  the water vinegar solution, wait two minutes and blot with a paper towel. For a tutorial with groovy pictures check out my tutorial (I just added how it do it in any color). As I am going along I wasn’t getting as strong a result as red-flower-smI had expected and I realized oh, these pieces aren’t glass. Duh, Melissa. Well I really liked the effect of the frame but not on little bird so I just made little bird all shiny and a little, glam. silver-bird-smThe picture frame ended up looking like an old mirror, with the spots, which I loved. Now for the glass. I came across this wonderful blue vase I have been saving for this treatment and I had three little mason jars. They came out so awesome that I wanted to do more. I grabbed another round vase at the dollar sore and squeezed the last squirts  out of the spray paint to finish it. I think they came out awesome, not bad for a days work. Till next vase-smtime.024