Mason Jars flying out of my shop: Mason Jar Chandelier

A photo of a mason Jar chandelier my customer sent me

A strange thing has been happening in my online shop: My largest hand tinted Ball mason jars have been flying out the door. Especially the larger quantities, the set of 6 and set of 10. I  admit I am obsessed … Continue reading 

Masons for the 4th of July

As a painter I love the American Flag. I have drawn and painted the stars and stripes many times. I have always had an

obsession with jars and now painted mason jars are a big part of my business. I have been meaning to a set of American Flag mason jars  for a while, a good long while. I put it off and off. I am busy I balance orders coming in with, promoting my business and making sure I spend enough time with my adorable son. And the then the 4th of July was coming. If ever it was time it was time. They were pretty simple to do: one jar all in navy with white stars and two jars painted white with red stripes. I discovered these wonderful metallic  blue lids that looked marvelous.

I painted some white stars on some blue heritage masons and made another patriotic set.  It was lots of stars and stripes over here. If you fancy them use code Pin50 for 50% off. Till next time Melissa.

For the love of Jars. Masons and everything else.

For the love of Jars. Masons and everything else.

Love jars. I am not sure where it started. I remember finding rocks on the beach with plants tenaciously growing out of

them. I took them home and nestled them in a precious jar full of water and table salt. Remarkably they lived and grew until my mother thew them out.

It probably started with my mother she always expertly  cleaned out every available container for future use. The kitchen cabinets were filled with butter, yogurt and magical jars. Did you mother’s cabinets look the same.

I followed suit. My favorites were the Classico spaghetti jars. I would collect them with no idea what to do with them.  Sometimes I would fill them with shells from the beach, or marbles. When I moved the  I had 9 empty jars that I got rid of.  I said to myself you can’t keep collecting jars like this, and I threw them out. And now most of my business comes from masons jars, That’s irony. I was just months away from  launching my mason jar obsession in my online shop.

I started tinting masons the soft blue of past jars. A blue that is lost to the past and only I seem to be making for sale. Check my tutorial here.

I was really shocked to find a whole online community semi obsessed with jars and  masons.

My neighbors had seen me painting jars in my back yard. When they moved  they offered me their cache of bottles, all from Europe. These jars and bottles were shapes and sizes I had never seen before, Woo! Be still my heart. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Another fantastic source of jars is my local Recycle center From Trash to Treasure in Fort Lauderdale.. I get so excited see what is there. I always head straight for The “jar” section. On one of my weekly visits to the center I saw the jar of all jars. The most beautiful jar I had ever seen: a Lovely very large jar with handles.  I knew it would make the most beautiful vase ever. It did and it was on it’s way to Australia days after I put it in my shop.

I just made some beach candle set out of the cutest mason jar candles. I can’t wait to make my own candles. I just ordered

those cute little quilted jars.

Next jars in my shop chalk painted masons in a color called freshwater,. American Flag and British Flag masons. Doesn’t this sounds fun. If you want to check out more of my jars take a peek in my shop. Until next time…Melissa

Paint glass Shiny Tutorial and Giveaway

I like shiny things. In really like shiny things.  I am so excited I want give something away! You might have seen my previous post on taking things from trash to shiny.  So when it came  time to paint some  mason jars and vases with pretty metallic paint  I couldn’t wait. Now before I started

Gold and Silver Metallic Maons

Gold and Silver Metallic Masons

painting I ignored my own advice. When painting glass, I say prime, prime prime!!!! Primer is your friend your best friend! I like Kyrlon’s Colormaster primer but I was on Pinterest and followed a link on “how to paint glass” no primer needed she said “Spray paint is meant to stick to anything.” So I listened and tried it again without primer. A big mistake!!!! A I usually do I didn’t handle the jar for 24 hours to let the paint cure / dry thoroughly , metallic paint is different and dries faster than regular spray paint, but I wasn’t taking chances. The finish was beautiful but the second I  moved it around the paint scratched. Listen to  me  and listen good prime prime prime before painting. I was very excited to paint this carafe I came across. I had already painted with blue glass paint

Silver Metallic Carafe

Silver Metallic Carafe

but it was so blah. but it came out amazing!!!! I just used the paint I had on hand for this project Rusto-oleum  Metallic finish in Gold and Valspar Metallic in Silver.

Valspar Rust-oleum Matallic pain

Valspar Rust-oleum Matallic pain

I prime and let it dry for 1/2 hour to an hour,  paint with the metallic spray paint (I love how the a paint goes on) light even layers to minimize drips. Check the paint instructions on when to apply your second coat. I hold the jar or vase in the mouth of and turn it as I spray. I leave the bottom unpainted so I can handle the vase. I rest the the jar or vase on it’s neck then I paint the bottom. I leave the painted piece to dry for about 24 hours. With the metallic paint I will probably be totally dry in about half the time but better safe than sorry.

Voila, gorgeous shiny awesomeness. If you don’t feel like waiting for the paint to dry pop over to my Shop Caribbean style Decor and use the code Hometalk15 to get 15% off. And don’t forget to enter to win a set of these shiny beauties.

Give Away: Modern Masters paint giveaway

Well I sort of fell in love with the Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit. Would you like some? Good because Modern Masters

Metal Masters paint giveaway

Some of my new line Metal Treasures. using Modern Masters Metal Effects

is giving some away. In fact These amazing products have led me to create a whole new product line called Metal Treasures, stay tuned for all that. Metal Treasures is  high-end line of decorative products made with the Metal effects kit. Check out my original review and tutorial here!

I have been busy all week using this kit and I was finally give these ceramic bowl the beautiful finish they deserve. Any you know I HAD to give one of my mason jar a go. Doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Mason Jar with Modern Masters Metal Effects

Mason Jar with Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper paint and green patina

Ok now on to the give away. You can win your choice of a Quart or (4) 6oz containers from their Metallic Paint collection  or the products from thier Metal Effects kit. Go check out the Modern Masters Metallic Paint collection and or the Metal Effects kit come back here and comment letting me know what you would do with all that fabulous paint, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON THE GIVEAWAY LINK AFTER YOU HAVE COMMENTED TO ENTER. click on “I commented” in the give away box and you are entered. But don’t stop there you can earn a ton of bonus entires. So keep clicking and enter everyday! I would :)  Good Luck! Until next time, I mean until tomorrow …Melissa

Modern Masters Give Away

Chick Here to Enter —> a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mason Jar DIY Soap Dispenser

Mason Jar DIY Soap Dispenser

This post has been a long time in coming considering I do a tutorial for almost all my projects and these jar are have been the most popular items in my shop

for months. Well better late than never. I am using a Ball heritage mason jar that is already blue  If you would to learn how to tint your masons gorgeous vintage blue for pennies a jar check out my tutorial on painting glass here.

This is a pretty simple process I include tips I have learned from making about 100 jars. But if you have any tips please share with me.

First Gather your tools

You mason jar lid.

I am using a ball mason jar with the two part self sealing lid but i have also used this technique on regular old spaghetti jars lids.

Washer with 5/8″ opening. I have found this to be the perfect size that a soap dispenser will fit through. You can get it at home depot or Loews about 40 cents.

Mason Jar DIY soap dispenser

What you need

A nail
A Hammer
E600 adhesive available at your Local craft store
Soap Dispenser pump. Save your old ones or soap with a dispenser from the dollar store.

First center the washer on your lid and trace the inner circle on the lid. You can draw free hand this just is really easy with the washer and the perfect size soap dispenser.

The I use the nail and hammer to punch holes around the circle. After you have punched the holes all around the circle use your pliers to twist the metal and remove it  out of the hole. it’s pretty easy at the metal of the top is thin.

A funny aside is that it drives men crazy when  they see me do this. They think its too much work. My ex husband spent two hours running around trying to figure out how to do this with a drill. Meanwhile i had done 22 lids with my low tech technique.

h wasn’t happy with his result, I thought his outcome was perfect was perfect but apparently the drill was so out of control going though the thin metal he was afraid he would get maimed. I didn’t actually  see the wild drill but I’ll give it a shot myself and see what the fuss is about. I have an idea to improve on his technique. i’ll keep you posted. My other male friend is working on sharpening the end of a pipe so it can punch straight through the metal; he’s been working on that one  for months.  But I got distracted, back to the tutorial!

Mason Jar DIY soap dispenser

Making your hole

With this particular lid I spray painted it black obviously you don’t need to do that, but you can. I think it is a very elegant combination the black and the blue. if you are spray painting your lid make you hole before you paint. That way you won’t remove any paint as you make the hole.

So with your hole you are ready to glue your soap dispenser in. I use the Adhesive E6000 as it is very strong, water resistant. I had used hot glue before and if the lid was jolted or fell it would come apart, not so with E6000.

Mason jar DIY soap dispenser tutorial

Gluing your soap dispenser to the lid. I glue a washer to the bottom to protect from the jagged edges

Apply E600 the base of  the soap dispenser and place it through the hole. Your glue should set in an hour so you can handle it. I have been gluing a washer to the underside of the lid so no one will come in contact with jagged metal edge from making the hole. I  just came across a great idea to put silicone around the jagged edge. Sounds fab I can’t wait to try. I’ll let you know. Now look at your fantastic result.  Till next time… Melissa

Mason Jar DIY soap dispenser tutorial

Your handy work. Now you just need to figure out where to put it.

The Vintage Masons

The Vintage Masons and the oldish Masons.

My tale  of love for each one of these new masons.

By the way I tinted all of them. If you want to check out my tutorial on how to color glass check it out here.

Mason Jar love the Vintage and the oldish

Mason Jar love the Vintage and the oldish

Anyone who knows me knows I love Mason Jar. I fact my online shop started off will mostly furniture and a little masons now it’s mostly masons with a little furniture. A few months ago a friend of mine handed me a bag with three mason jars in it. How my heart skipped a beat just because they were Mason but then she said these have been on her friend’s closet for about 30 years and she don’t know what to do with them. And she thought there was more in there. I didn’t want to seem to excited but I was over the moon. She was already looking at me like I was a little crazy with my ear wide smile hugging my new masons.

Three beautiful wide moth masons with wonderfully worn tops.  I knew I had to keep one. put them aside because I wanted to be in there perfect mood to color them. I love Masons and I swoon for a Blue mason better.

The next time I saw her she presented me with three short chubby 12 oz Kerr wide mouth jars. I grabbed them and squealed, now cute. Yes I actually squealed. They

32 oz wide mouth Vintage Beauty

32 oz wide mouth Vintage Beauty

were the cutest jars I had ever seen.

I share pictures of my 12 oz cuties as an option with a customer in England before they hit my shop. She snapped it right up. So with one for me and that just leaves one for my shop. Because I loved the shape soo much I made sure I would be able to get a modern version to keep in stock. I sure can but they comes with silver lids. So I just have one vintage honey with the warm gold lid.

In the fright frame of mind I tinted my jars to a gorgeous light blue with a hint of green. Grorgeous!

12 oz wide mouth Ker r-- So cute

12 oz wide mouth Ker r– So cute

Already on a high with my precious vintage Mason jars in hand I headed to my local recycling center where I can find unique jars and vases and things I never thought of. I turn around there are more mason jar 2 more wide mouth 32 oz-ers 2 Kerrs and a wide mouth 16 oz. Wowie wowie!

From the labels on them I realized they were about 6 years old. I was privileged to give them new life

High on masons I tint them all in one session and turn their tops into soap

Kerr 32 oz and 16  oz jar set

Kerr 32 oz and 16 oz jar set

dispenser. What so you think? Anyone love masons as much as me? until next time.

16 wide mouth mason

16 wide mouth mason

Sophisticated mason Jar for the guys

Sophisticated Blue and black Mason jar perfect for the guys

Sophisticated Blue and black Mason jar perfect for the guys

I love a mason but I wanted to do one that guys would love. I was trying to find and excuse to use the ball Heritage jars I man-ed to up by spray painting the top black and adding black pump. I love the touch of white on the pump, it reminds me of pinstriping. To add the pump to the top I used my tried and true method of marking a 5/8″ circle on the top hitting a nail trough the top with a hammer around the circle to make a circle of nail holes, then removing the circle of metal with pliers. That size allows the soap dispenser top. next I hot glue the soap dispenser to the top and there your have it. Happy Father’s Day

So you want to paint some glass

Hand Tinted mason set

So you want to paint some glass!!! maybe you don’t need all that Shiny DIY mercury glass effect (but it’s so fun check my tutorial out here). My best advice to you, wait for it…. is to get yourself some … Continue reading 

Top Projects for a Glam Mother’s Day

A Little Glam never hurt anyone

A Little Glam never hurt anyone

My Top projects for a glam mother’s day Mom Glam

This year Instead of the tried and true let’s give Mom a little glam for her day .

Every mom needs a picture frame let’s go one step further let’s go with a big  Silver one with a hand done finish that looks like an old mirror. If your Momsliverframe2sm is like my mom she will put her own picture in it.

Check out how they were made here in my post from I like Shiny Things.

I’m a mom and I love this little bird I think he dresses up the place wherever he goes. She might wonder why you silver-bird-smare giving her a Shiny little bird. Pair it with a  Shiny votive and she will get the idea.

Speaking of votive you can’t go wrong with these little mason jars sweet and  sophisticated all at the same time.round-vase-sm

Now that brings us to the Round vase with the Faux Mercury glass finish. It’s go  classic shape and a glam finish. Who could resist putting flowers in this one.

mason-sm1Can we ever have enough Shiny vases. I don’t think so. This one has its original blue undertones showing through. You can never go vase-smwrong with blue and blue and shiny are even better. Hmm there seems to be a pattern.

We love color and we love shiny can’t go wrong with the two of them together. Especially as colorful votive ready for flowers or candles.

Pictures of Flowers are a classic but pictures of flowers in a white frame are a must. Especially paired with family photos.color-votives-all=sm

I would love any of these for my day. What is your favorite?