Tigerlily and Sammi our ShelterDogs First weeks

Sammi: The queen of the poops

Our two shelter dogs First weeks We have had Tigerlily for two weeks and Sammi for a week and a half. They are doing really well and learning a lot. So am I. It been a roller coaster, fun, frustrating, … Continue reading 

Can Cats be rehabilitated? Yes!

Milu the Dog and her facorite cat Raisnette

When I first adopted my dog Milu lots of things were in flux. We moved 6 weeks after we got her. She moved from a house with a dog door to the backyard one without. She was not happy. She … Continue reading 

The Real Milu

The happiest Rescue Dog ever: Milu the boxer

The Real pets that inspired Milu’s House: Milu was a dirty, hungry flea bitten Boxer than my son and I rescued from the back yard where she had been abandoned by her original owners. The back yard backed up on … Continue reading