Mason Jars flying out of my shop: Mason Jar Chandelier

A photo of a mason Jar chandelier my customer sent me

A strange thing has been happening in my online shop: My largest hand tinted Ball mason jars have been flying out the door. Especially the larger quantities, the set of 6 and set of 10. I  admit I am obsessed … Continue reading 

The Vintage Masons

The Vintage Masons and the oldish Masons.

My tale  of love for each one of these new masons.

By the way I tinted all of them. If you want to check out my tutorial on how to color glass check it out here.

Mason Jar love the Vintage and the oldish

Mason Jar love the Vintage and the oldish

Anyone who knows me knows I love Mason Jar. I fact my online shop started off will mostly furniture and a little masons now it’s mostly masons with a little furniture. A few months ago a friend of mine handed me a bag with three mason jars in it. How my heart skipped a beat just because they were Mason but then she said these have been on her friend’s closet for about 30 years and she don’t know what to do with them. And she thought there was more in there. I didn’t want to seem to excited but I was over the moon. She was already looking at me like I was a little crazy with my ear wide smile hugging my new masons.

Three beautiful wide moth masons with wonderfully worn tops.  I knew I had to keep one. put them aside because I wanted to be in there perfect mood to color them. I love Masons and I swoon for a Blue mason better.

The next time I saw her she presented me with three short chubby 12 oz Kerr wide mouth jars. I grabbed them and squealed, now cute. Yes I actually squealed. They

32 oz wide mouth Vintage Beauty

32 oz wide mouth Vintage Beauty

were the cutest jars I had ever seen.

I share pictures of my 12 oz cuties as an option with a customer in England before they hit my shop. She snapped it right up. So with one for me and that just leaves one for my shop. Because I loved the shape soo much I made sure I would be able to get a modern version to keep in stock. I sure can but they comes with silver lids. So I just have one vintage honey with the warm gold lid.

In the fright frame of mind I tinted my jars to a gorgeous light blue with a hint of green. Grorgeous!

12 oz wide mouth Ker r-- So cute

12 oz wide mouth Ker r– So cute

Already on a high with my precious vintage Mason jars in hand I headed to my local recycling center where I can find unique jars and vases and things I never thought of. I turn around there are more mason jar 2 more wide mouth 32 oz-ers 2 Kerrs and a wide mouth 16 oz. Wowie wowie!

From the labels on them I realized they were about 6 years old. I was privileged to give them new life

High on masons I tint them all in one session and turn their tops into soap

Kerr 32 oz and 16  oz jar set

Kerr 32 oz and 16 oz jar set

dispenser. What so you think? Anyone love masons as much as me? until next time.

16 wide mouth mason

16 wide mouth mason

Sophisticated mason Jar for the guys

Sophisticated Blue and black Mason jar perfect for the guys

Sophisticated Blue and black Mason jar perfect for the guys

I love a mason but I wanted to do one that guys would love. I was trying to find and excuse to use the ball Heritage jars I man-ed to up by spray painting the top black and adding black pump. I love the touch of white on the pump, it reminds me of pinstriping. To add the pump to the top I used my tried and true method of marking a 5/8″ circle on the top hitting a nail trough the top with a hammer around the circle to make a circle of nail holes, then removing the circle of metal with pliers. That size allows the soap dispenser top. next I hot glue the soap dispenser to the top and there your have it. Happy Father’s Day