Tigerlily and Sammi our ShelterDogs First weeks

Sammi: The queen of the poops

Our two shelter dogs First weeks We have had Tigerlily for two weeks and Sammi for a week and a half. They are doing really well and learning a lot. So am I. It been a roller coaster, fun, frustrating, … Continue reading 

An open letter to BestFriends.org!

cat and Dog Love

An open letter to BestFriends.org!   Best friends is an animal welfare society that to helped pioneer the no-kill movement. They help homeless pets around the country by supporting no kill initiatives, spay and neuter programs and rescue organizations among other … Continue reading 

Can Cats be rehabilitated? Yes!

Milu the Dog and her facorite cat Raisnette

When I first adopted my dog Milu lots of things were in flux. We moved 6 weeks after we got her. She moved from a house with a dog door to the backyard one without. She was not happy. She … Continue reading 

What is your favorite Candle fragrance and our Giveaway!

White Silver and Gold candles by Milu's Healing Candles

Help us To figure out which scents are hits and which ones are misses. Take our survey: What is your favorite Candle Fragrance? Oh yeah we are also having a giveaway.Our biggest giveaway ever!!! You will get 3 of our candles: … Continue reading 

The Real Milu

The happiest Rescue Dog ever: Milu the boxer

The Real pets that inspired Milu’s House: Milu was a dirty, hungry flea bitten Boxer than my son and I rescued from the back yard where she had been abandoned by her original owners. The back yard backed up on … Continue reading 

Thank You for Donating to Milu’s House

Thank you for donating to Milu's House we save Abandoned Animals

Thank You so much for Donating to Milu’s house. Each dime, each penny will help us help Animals in need.  If we get a computer without duct tape and with all the working keys it means that we can work … Continue reading