Melissa Design Studio

My name is Melissa and I can’t stop making things. I am from the small Caribbean Island of Barbados. I grew up

Me by Teodora Dakova Photography


loving the write hot heat, turquoise and the shifting blues of a Tropical Sea. These colors are a love, an obsession and my work.

I spent my teenage and twenties in New York City. I soaked up the sophistication of the greatest city on earth.


My shop started with mason jars, then came shiny things, then furniture, then salvage then candles


Myself and Tim Gunn. Yes That is Time Gunn. One of my Favorte human beings

Myself and Tim Gunn. Yes That is Tim Gunn from Project Runway

I can’t stop making things so much about decorating and design fascinate me. I’m obsessed with jars, masons and otherwise, redoing furniture, all things shiny and metallic, salvaging what is old and discarded.



I believe in the perfection of imperfection. A handmade finish is a unique finish.

Caribbean turquoise Vase

Caribbean Turquoise Vase


My online shop has swollen with my different passions. I  am  currently working now on giving each of my interests their own branded home: Check out my Masons at Caribbean Style Decor, Melissa’s Salvage and Milu’s Healing Candles. Stay tuned for Melissa’s pillows, Melissa’s Modern and Melissa Luxe, my furniture line.


Milu’s Healing Candles


There was going to be Melissa’s Candles. I have been working on developing a candle line for over a year. I love candles but I needed a good reason to make candles, what would make my candles different, unique and relevant? I knew I wanted to make aromatherapy candles and I wanted to have a distinctive

The Ultimate Stenciled Table

The Ultimate Stenciled Table

look, I am a designer after all.  I was figuring all of that out when tragedy struck and I lost my beloved dog.

Healing Candle 16 o in sliver

Healing Candle 16 oz in sliver


I honor her I changed the name to Milu’s Healing Candles and use 100% of the profits will go to help other Abandoned pets. Click here to find out more about  Milu and our Mission to help pets in need.

If you love candles buy visit our Shop and help us help Animals visit our shop. If you hate Candles (it might happen) you can donate to us via Paypal or to our Fundraiser campaign click on the links to the left. Until Next time …Melissa

Milu and our Key West candle

Milu and our Key West candle

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