How to turn a plain jar into a beautiful vase

How to turn a plain jar into a beautiful vase.

Create your own design vase

This piece sold almost instantly from my Etsy shop heading to Australia

Step by Step on how to make you own amazing vase that will make an interior designer jealous. We have all seen it, that gorgeous pop of color that is the star of an amazingly designed room. We have drooled over that one of a kind gorgeous piece that was ridiculous money from hoity toity showroom. Well here lean in close, I’m going to teach you how make you own wowie  zowie vase. Hey and its pretty easy.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind.

1. Shape

Pick a vase with a strong shape, maybe some texture doesn’t matter if it is a bit of an ugly duckling it going to get a make over. When I saw a simple jar at my local recycling center  all I could see was an elegant vase. But don’t worry what you have doesn’t knock you socks off.  The next step is more important.

2.  Color

I have made a kit with everything you need to makes your own Vase

Even more important than shape is color. Pick a strong color one that you love, something bold and front and center. Now don’t get me wrong I adore white, I collect white things. In my world white a bold front and center color. It’s a personal choice make sure you love it. Right now I am completely obsessed with Valspar Exotic Sea. It has become a signature color for me.

What you will need:

Turquoise Vase in my Etsy shop

I am happy I found a similar vase to the one of a kind piece I found. Check it out in my Etsy shop

The vase or jar of your choice.
Your choice of spray paint. I advise spray paint because of the uniform smooth finish it gives.
Spray paint primer don’t even think about skipping this step. I’ll explain later.
Spray Paint Clear gloss top coat. I like Rustoloem in Clear gloss.

First clean your item really, really well I use regular soap and water and right before I paint I wipe it off with alcohol to get any lint remaining, lint in spray paint in not cute.

Next so so important prime. My glass other pieces,  that I didn’t use primer paint, I would breathe on it and it would scratch the finish so be sure to use primer. I used Krylon Colormaster primer and it was dry and ready to go in about 30 minutes. It very good and made to work on glass. Some people say you don’t need primer. i didn’t have good luck with that.

Next after your primer dries spray on your color sweep from side to side not staying in any one area too long, no drips allowed. You want a light even finish. Usually one coat will be fine but if I want the color deeper. I’ll do a second coat. Usually I will hold the piece just inside the rim and turn it as I spray. I leave the bottom unpainted so I can hold it and turn the piece. When the body is painted I turn the vase upside

valspar Exotic Sea Spray paint

valspar Exotic Sea Spray paint

krylon colormaster primerdown so that it is resting on it neck, then I spray the bottom.

Now here comes that part about patience. The label will tell you that your piece will be dry and able to be handled in about 30 – 40 minutes. You just forget about that leave it right where it is for a full 8 – 24 hours if possible. Let the paint fully dry and harden . After 30 to 40 minutes you can handle the piece but the paint is still sticky and can easily be marred. Just yesterday eager to check out my handiwork I Create your own design vaseturned over a vase an hour after I painted it, yes it was gorgeous. Then I walked away distracted, my son was probably looking for his playmate, me.  Hours later when I came back it was stuck to my workbench, remember sticky paint, nooooooooo! My bottom was ruined but no matter it was still gorgeous, lesson learned. But don’t let this happen to you. Be patient, don’t touch.

Oh so now you have waited patiently, maybe you had a little peek. Turn it over enjoy admire and now its time to protect your beautiful piece. Spray you new gorgeous vase with the clear gloss. Good news the top coat doesn’t take that long to dry. You should be good to go in about an hour.

Create your own design vase

The Vase first pictured in this piece was sold and went all the way to Australia. click here if you want to check out my other Beauties in my shop.

Now grab your flower real or fake it doesn’t matter your vase can rock any flower. Where are you going to put it? And don’t forget to send me pictures. Till next  time. -Melissa

Faux mercury Glass Tutorial

I did a tutorial on (diy) faux mercury in any color. Which was amazing who wouldn’t like a blue shinny elegant beauty.

Well here is the original faux Mercury tutorial all silver all glam.

If you only want to color your glass and skip the faux mercury fun I have a colored glass tutorial here.

Here what you will need need
some glass pieces you want to transform,
paper towels ,
a spray bottle with 50% water and vinegar solution,
Krylon Looking glass spray bird and glass 033(very important you need this exact paint)

Clean you glass really well. Do this outside to avoid the fumes.

First: mist you glass with your spray bottle of water and vinegar solution. Mist you glass piece so it has bubbles. You might see other tutorials that say don’t  let your water run on the glass. I say let it run! The more texture the better. The instructions on the Krylon looking glass will say spray on the inside, trust me spray on the outside. You want to be able to put water in it don’t you?

Next: Spray the paint over your bird and glass 035misted pieces. The water and vinegar solution will prevent the paint from

Spritzing the Glass

Spritzing the Glass

sticking. Leave it for a minute of two and blot with the paper towel. Then repeat until you get the look you want. You can choose to have it very transparent or add more layers to be more opaque. The outcome is gorgeous either way

Mist , wait, spray repeat till you are squealing with joy. It’s easy and fun. I don’t think you can make a mistake. How cool is that. Till next time –Melissa

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

The Medium and Small Vase with the faux mercury finish

The little Round Vase that took over my Online Shop

The Medium and Small Round Vases that could

The Medium and Small ROund Vases that could

First there was one. In the middle of my frenzy creating DIY mercury glass finish (wow that’s a mouthful). I ran out of glass things to finish so I ran to a  near by store and bought a delightful round vase to faux finish. It came out beautifully. I was staying with my friend at the time she loved it and I gave it to her. I loved it too so I made another and but it in my  online shop. It sold immediately  Ok I made three more they sold. I made 5 they sold. Hmmm so then be still my heart I came across another size  a cute smaller size. they sold well and now I have found a bigger size. Which my customers have been asking for. I had to order them online sight unseen but I can’t wait!!!!. I’m feeling this will be the ultimate wedding center piece.  Triple mega yeah!!!! till next time. -Melissa

Two Blue Round blue vases that could. Part of a perfect Wedding center piece

Two Blue Round blue vases that could

Giving Credit Where Paint is Due

Listing the paints I have used in my projectsI thought I would take the time to go through my paint projects and a list the specific paints I used. I adore paint! I look for it everywhere I go, when in Walmart I can’t wait to scoot down that paint isle to see what down here at Lowes and Home Depot I head straight for the reject paint pile to see what goodies I can find. All these paints are my favorite and I can’t wait to get more. Scroll to the bottom to enter to win some of my Glass Goodies


Krylon Looking Glass Paint. Oh Looking Glass paint How I love you let me count the ways. With this amazing spray paint I am able to glam up Dollar store store goodies and yard sale finds. I am lucky this paint is readily available at my local Walmart I have heard its hard to find but its worth it. Don’t forget to check your local Walmart. Check out my tutorial on making faux mercury glass  in general and in any color you like.

Colored Mercuy Glass

Colored Mercuy Glass

Colored mason jars

Colored mason jars

 That brings me to my other Super Star Peobeo Vitrea 160 such a boring name. it sounds like a science solution but what a powerhouse intense transparent color. I haven’t stopped using it since it got it. All pieces of Glass in my house are in danger. Beautiful and easy to use and available in so many colors. this is another hard to find goody. I had to order in from Amazon but i heard a rumor that they are available at Pearl paint. I am going to check that out and let you know. Read the painting glass tutorial here


The Finished Table

The Finished Table

 My first major furniture project will always be a special love for me. It was on this project that I first used and fell in love with Martha Stewart paints available at Home Depot. it is part of the Glidden paint line. The brown is called Burl. It is a rich elegant paint with super coverage. The white I stenciled with is an off white called Tailor’s Chalk It comes with the option of primer included yes please! Read more about the making of this table here

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough

The Blue Stenciled table, a little stenciling is not enough

 Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware in “Ming Vase” This is an  excellent paint an what makes it even more awesome is that I got it for free. Now that wasn’t because of some special Blogger thing, although I am special  Ace had a special two weekends in a row where you were about to get a quart of paint for free. I was right on that. Now you  head over and sign up on their Facebook Page so you can get some free paint to the next time they are giving it away. Read about making the this Festooned table, find out what the heck is a festooned table.

 Round Blue Table

Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware in “Sea of Midnight” I have these two very similar paints color because I was trying to match another color. Well you say you could have just taken a sample and had it color matched. yes I know but these were my free quarts color matching not included. This blue is a brighter blue than “Ming Vase” which is deep and more classic. I think the fun color gives this classic table a fun modern spin. All of those that want to yell at me for painting this table  just remember different strokes for different folks. Read about the making of this table.

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Behr Ultra Premium Plus. This paint was absolutely the best find! It was a $2 quart from the reject pile at home depot. It was  the perfect color for this mirror I wanted to do. So I snapped it up and the rest is history. Read more about the making of this mirror.

Stenciling Detail


 Then there is my tireless work horse American Acrylic paint in White.   This paint is avail ble at Michaels, Joanns and other craft stores. After some trial and error I use this paint  for my stenciling projects. It has the right amount of flow and  enough coverage to make nice crisp lines when you are stenciling and I like nice crisp lines.

So  there you have it apartial list of my adventures in paining. But what about Chalk paint you say? Ah ha. I make my own and in my next post I will share with you how. Be sure to enter to win some of my glass goodies below. And stay tunned I have plenty more to share. Till next time -Melissa


Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial in any color

Blue Mercury Glass vase

This is a simple Tutorial on how do beautiful faux mercury glass in almost any color Faux mercury glass is so beautiful on its own, but wouldn’t it be fun to do it in any color? From the moment I discovered how … Continue reading 

Top Projects for a Glam Mother’s Day

A Little Glam never hurt anyone

A Little Glam never hurt anyone

My Top projects for a glam mother’s day Mom Glam

This year Instead of the tried and true let’s give Mom a little glam for her day .

Every mom needs a picture frame let’s go one step further let’s go with a big  Silver one with a hand done finish that looks like an old mirror. If your Momsliverframe2sm is like my mom she will put her own picture in it.

Check out how they were made here in my post from I like Shiny Things.

I’m a mom and I love this little bird I think he dresses up the place wherever he goes. She might wonder why you silver-bird-smare giving her a Shiny little bird. Pair it with a  Shiny votive and she will get the idea.

Speaking of votive you can’t go wrong with these little mason jars sweet and  sophisticated all at the same time.round-vase-sm

Now that brings us to the Round vase with the Faux Mercury glass finish. It’s go  classic shape and a glam finish. Who could resist putting flowers in this one.

mason-sm1Can we ever have enough Shiny vases. I don’t think so. This one has its original blue undertones showing through. You can never go vase-smwrong with blue and blue and shiny are even better. Hmm there seems to be a pattern.

We love color and we love shiny can’t go wrong with the two of them together. Especially as colorful votive ready for flowers or candles.

Pictures of Flowers are a classic but pictures of flowers in a white frame are a must. Especially paired with family photos.color-votives-all=sm

I would love any of these for my day. What is your favorite?

Told you I was lucky

etsy-featureWell I am going to keep this post going because I continue to be lucky and I want share in all my luckiness as it happens.

 Tuesday 4/9/13 Good morning You are featured on an etsy-skullsEtsy Ad!

I wake up and I am checking things out on Facebook when I notice something out of the corner of my eye. It is one of my own little creations a handmade stencil heart frame. I roll my eyes and think: again, Facebook is trying get my frame-heart-blk-webmoney by showing me a dummy ad with one of my images but, it says “Etsy handmade object from all over the world”. Hmmmm, can it be possible my little frame is featured on an Etsy ad on Facebook. Yes! What a way to nice wake up. Thanks Etsy!

Now later today am sending Cutting Edge Stencils my pick for my Free stencil and figuring my layout for my ad that I won for FREE in a local magazine.

Is this for real? Feels good to be a Lucky Girl -Lucky Girl Melissa

Moroccan Stencil Rabat

Moroccan Stencil Rabat

Ok so my life is officially Awesome. It was awesome before with my awesome kid and my awesome work but… I had a little more luck come my way to add to the sweetness. I won the Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway over at you are Talking too Much. How sweet is that. Especially because for the last few months I have covering everything possible with The Indian Inlay Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils. can we say: Coffee table, accent table, other accent table, picture frames. I am planning some other projects  a rug, some pillows, and I am shopping around for the right stencils, Perfect Timing!

Ok I have already been to their websiteand I have placed my favorite Stencils on my wish list. The deal is I can pick one stencil worth up to $75. I have narrowed it down to two. Now it’s time to choose. Its tough they are

Damask Stencil Verde

Damask Stencil Verde

both gorgeous. Help me! Vote for you Favorite! I’m leaning towards the Damask (the floral one) because  am thinking I could use different parts of the stencil to create different patterns, very versatile. But the Moroccan one is just clean and Beautiful, I could do a lot with that one. So help a girl out let me know which one you like better. If you have another suggestions mention it in the comments. Thanks -Lucky Girl Melissa. Till next time. 

I Can’t Hear You

I can't hear youI’m that girl!  You know the girl who says she going to do something that doesn’t seem possible and then  the next thing you know she doing it. Before I decided to be that type of person I knew another girl like that and I found her incredibly annoying. I would think all the time how the heck did she do that. Then I decided to be like her.

Am I a suborn person? I would say not really but when I decide I am doing to do something  I don’t listen to anyone, unless they are telling me I can do it. But let’s go back a little bit. When  I was 16 I went to a Catholic High School in Brooklyn New York, sounds pretty safe, right? For a nerdy Caribbean girl it was no joke. With a funny accent and a tendency to make faux pas like asking

I don't look that stubborn do I?

I don’t look that stubborn do I?

for a rubber instead of an eraser, I became a target. Kids were threatening to beat me up for extreme nerdiness. I wasn’t used to dealing with that and I wasn’t going to deal with that. I found a college that I could attend early and get into at 16 years old. I had the grades, I was number 1 in my class. When I discussed it with my mother she said absolutely not. She probably said No God damned way, or over her dead body something final like that. When she made a decision that was it, she was hardcore strict, no talking back EVER. I don’t know what came over me I freaked out and started yelling and screaming, you didn’t yell and scream at my mother.

Next thing I knew I was on my way to that college, I have no idea how I accomplished that. I didn’t know how I did it I just knew I was going to do it.

The Finished Table

One of my pieces that saved me from my boring job

Fast forward to present day, well recent past. I had a very boring but well-paying job. I went home and would  furiously make Art and Furniture and then go back to my job were basically I tried to look like I was doing something all day. Believe me it was hard and stressful to occupy yourself mentally all day long when you aren’t doing much, not to mention trying to look busy. I know ya’ll are wondering what I was doing. Well, I was working in high end retail in store that would sometimes have 2 people a day coming in, really 2!

So after I sold some furniture and paintings in my own business I quit. I didn’t tell most people what I was doing I just did it and I was fine. Friends and random people would ask me wasn’t I scared, didn’t I lay in bed in terror over not being successful. No I was too busy thinking about being successful. I knew I had the grit in my body and in my soul to make this thing work, and I did. Yep I don’t tend to listen to anyone when I decide to do something unless they are helping me along my chosen path. When they explain to me I can’t do it all I hear I wah wah wah, like Charlie Brown. Does that make me stubborn? Maybe a little.

Inspiring Gratitude Video

This is the first video I am sharing. It’s a wonderful little gem about being grateful and loving life.

Enjoy and have a good day.

Being in Gratitude…A Moving Art original short. This inspirational video was well responded at TED conferences and filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg motivates those around him as happiness is revealed. Spoken word and music montage created and composed by Gary Malkin. Narration written and spoken by Brother David Steindl-Rast.