The Yellow Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Yellow Stenciled Mirror

Ok, I was bad, yet again I forgot to take before pictures of the piece I was working on. My friend gave me this beautiful mirror, it started off life being white. In this case I didn’t rescue some ugly thing , the mirror was beautiful to begin with I just made it amazing. I knew I wanted to the mirror in a bright yellow and I came across the perfect color in the unwanted paint section at home Depot for $2, Behr’s Preium Plus Ultra in a



delicious yellow-orange. Home Depot makes great paint I have tried three different brands and they were all  Stellar. That’s why I drive  a mile out of my way to get my paint. A mile isn’t that far right? They also have $2 quarts and $.50 samples in the paint reject pile, the best deal in town.  I wrote a whole post about my favorite paints read it here.

I diligently sanded and primed and painted the mirror. I love the color. Now for the stenciling. I decided to just do a floral motif to go with the curving lines of the mirror. I discovered that even my thinnest stencil was too wide of the thin curved lines of the mirror. I stenciled anyway. I love the abstract nature of the partial stenciling. Almost done, just some touching up to do as usual. I think I’ll add some white to the base. I am going to use it in a photo shoot for an advertisement I have coming up. Love It! Till next time.

Detail of Yellow Mirror

I love the abstract patterns created when just some of the stencil is showing


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