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Milu’s House has turned into a fund to support local South Florida animal charities.

11 Random Things About me

I grew up in Barbados in the Caribbean a very small island. We are known as the most British Island which is very true. We are polite to a fault and we drink too much Tea. I like to take on projects that are complicated without having a clue what I am doing The Table the Table the Table The Beauty: Koi the Mosaic table, I like white things, I like Shiny things, I like woody things. I am addicted to stencils, I am addicted to chalk paint and I like blue A LOT , I have an old dog, I have a young son, My son and I usually spend Thanksgiving on our own and love it. I am a very lucky girl!

Random things about Milu

We need to work

It you were small and furry she loved you and wanted to cuddle you. She ran twice a day for about 30 seconds each. She had the body of an athlete but she was an old lady and could only walk for 30 mins at a time. Her favorite thing was to stick her had out of the car window to and from school. My son I would make up secret agent stories about her saving puppies. When she walked she swung her hips like Marilyn Monroe. She couldn’t tell when it was Saturday and Sunday and would wake us

Raisin and Milu a dog cat love story

Raisin and Milu a dog cat love story

up everyday at 7am to go to school. She had a very serious love affair with our cat Raisinette, they were constantly in each other’s paws

-Lucky Girl Melissa

7 thoughts on “About Us- Contact Us

  1. Lucky, yes, and very talented……sometimes the people who just appear in our lives are often the ones that we are Supposed to meet and would never have found on our own….serendipity..


    • Diana from the from you would have to use a paint technique because nothing will go through the glass to the silvered under surface. I would try using mildly diluted craft paint in brown or black whatever you prefer, apply it with a stencil brush which will give you a little more broken up coverage and then after that is dry spray it with water with a spray bottle and then spray the looking glass spay over that. I would spray a lot of water to get lots of drips and streaks. the looking glass spray will dry like a mirror and you will have a lot of texture. hope that helps

  2. thank you so much….. i am going to try and do some experimenting!!!!!!!! you have given me a good starting point…..mirrored wall is 12 feet high and 10 feet long….ugh!!!!

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