Are Cats Good Decoration?

Do cats make good decorations?


Cat Painting giveaway. I chose this picture because you can see my cat Mojo walking by


I’m the wrong person to ask obviously I say yes! I make cat paintings, cat moasics refinish cat sculptures. Be sure to enter to win a cat painting at the end of this blog post.

I have been a painter all my life. I still use the same painting apron I got when I was 9. Some of my first subjects were my cats; my cats that I have had and adored all my life. I love to paint cats and I decided to do that again.


The first cat I ever had was a black cat I called Puss May. I named her after my grandmother I was 4 or 5. Then there was Mitzy a tabby. One of my first good drawings was of Mitzy sleeping. I did that drawing when I was about 6 or 7. Some members of my family didn’t believe I did the drawing they thought it was too good. I guess that was a

me and spiff

me and spiff



As I draw and paint these cats I get to enjoy the memories of all the wonderful cats I have know. Deenie the calico so bitchy but so smart, Spiff the tuxedo cat, not the smartest but the most loving, Raisinette the beautiful black cat that hid for 6 months but but turned into the most wonderful cat.

So do cats make good decorations? Cat paintings, cat statues cat mosaics. I think so, after all they are all heading to in my shop.

Which kitty painting is your favorite? And what is your favorite cat story?

I think mine is of Raisinette. She was a black cat that grew up in a small cubby at a vet’s office. I got her

Calico peeking Painting

Calico peeking Painting

when she was a year old. She was almost feral, I never saw her except for a flash of black scooting. She didn’t come near me or my son. We knew we saved her life but we were disappointed not to have a loving pet. Then one night after 6 months, Raisin came creeping into the bed. I didn’t dare move. She came sneaking along and cuddled by my head after that she was a cuddle bunny. I was amazed that she had the ability to recover and become a wonderful cat.

Would you like your very own cat painting? Be sure to enter the giveaway to win a cat painting for your self. If you win you can select any original painting from my shop  it out here. I also do custom paintings. If you prefer a custom painting, you can apply the credit of you winnings to a custom painting. Click to enter click here to enter the giveaway
  Good luck! -Melissa


Cat Painting giveaway

Cat Painting giveaway

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