The Golden Pin Up Girl

This pin up girl is a beautiful sculpture I first saw at a friends house. From the second I saw her I  loved her.  I begged for her even though I knew it was obnoxious. I was in love.

Pin up girl sculpture with a golden metallic finish

Golden pin up girl


When I first got her she had a brownish glaze, no picture sorry. I didn’t think that mouseish finish was worth of her beauty. I would refinish her, because that’s what I do.  Did refinish her in my verdigris finish. I wanted her to look like a statue that had been outside for years, her patina starting to tarnish.


I was thrilled. I loved her even more. I was sure she would sell quickly. Of course she would she was gorgeous. Well she didn’t she sat in my shop for over a year. I still loved her but why did no one else.


I came to find out the verdigris finish I loved some much was an acquired taste. Some of the things would fly out of my shop and others would sit there.

The pin up girls original finish

Her original verdigris l finish


Finally, someone wanted her. We emailed back and forth for a while. After they agreed to take her they wanted to return her even before I shipped her. How could they insult her like that she was so lovely.


I took her off my Etsy site. As much as I loved her the reality is she was selling. I thought about keeping her but I can’t keep everything, my workshop is already full of so much that I love. So I decided to refinish her as I do.


I discovered a fantastic paint Krylon Foil in metallic gold. It is a much brighter metallic paint that I am used to using. I have entered my gold period in my shop. So gold she would be.

Krylon Gold Foil paint

Krylon Gold Foil paint


I was thrilled with the result.  I decided to add a protective finish to protect our girl. I knew the clear coat would matte down her shiny finish. After lived with her matte for a few days but she’s better shiny I think so I changed her back. Shinny all the way!


So here she is in her golden glory. I love her still as much as ever. Let’s see if anyone else agrees with me. What do you think? She is available in my Etsy shop.

No question on the finish it's shiny all the way

No question on the finish it’s shiny all the way

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